Why to choose outsourcing?

How to assess the quality of accountant’s work?
Assessing of the quality of accountant’s work is a quite difficult process because there are no unified criteria that would help a company or an entrepreneur to determine whether an accountant has enough competence and knowledge in his or her area. Incompetent action and mistakes made by accountant in a span of several years can cause serious loss to the company.

Signs of potentially bad quality services:

  • Structure of company debts – data that are available to the company management and prepared by an accountant do not match with data available by the customer – supplier
  • Tax accounting – the amount of taxes payable and indicated in registered accounting documents do not match with data of the tax inspectorate. This means that, very likely, taxes have not been declared correctly
  • You are not provided with regular, detailed and precise information on the financial situation of the company
  • You don’t receive regular and precise information on expected payments, including the amount of taxes, as a result, you can’t operatively plan the cash flow
  • The accountant does not report on debts in a timely manner, or separate debts are concealed
  • The actual cash balance is not checked and compared to accounting data on regular basis
  • Stock balances are not verified (amount and money) and compared to the actual stock balance
  • Legal facilities for optimization of taxes are not used

Accountancy takeover process:

  • We ensure accountancy takeover within a period from one to two weeks
  • We become acquainted with the company, discuss all topical issues related to accounting with the company manager or owner
  • We develop an accounting policy. We agree with the company, what functions in the field of accounting will be undertaken by the company itself and what functions will be performed by us in order to ensure qualitative bookkeeping
  • If the company has previously used outsourcing for bookkeeping, we take over the functions from the outsourcing provider and ensure further bookkeeping

Stages of accountancy takeover:

  • We review and analyse initial data submitted by the company
  • We prepare the most suitable service package and action plan
  • We appoint the responsible accountant, taking into consideration the field of operation
  • We develop an accounting policy, defining procedures and limits of powers conferred
  • We assess the situation and design requirements
  • We transfer and take over the necessary documents and messages
  • We prepare and submit a report to the customer on the situation with the company accounting, the condition of company accounting, and provide consultations
  • We inform the customer on further tasks

Why we are better than a personal accountant?

  • A whole team is always more competitive than one person. A team in general accumulates more knowledge and experience
  • Higher work efficiency – simple transfer of documents and distribution of works
  • The service is always available – a company is never sick, it has no vacations or sudden absence
  • We are responsible for our performance in accordance with legislation. Our operation and responsibility is strictly regulated by laws and discussed in the framework of mutual cooperation agreement, and you have better guarantees for our service
  • We are a legal person and our relations are formal and focused on long-term cooperation
  • You will not have to invest additional finances for raising motivation. You will not have to pay for accountant’s training in order to raise his or her qualifications, create a motivation system or pay for overtime

Our responsibility:
We create a set of services according to the needs of company. The set includes accounting services. In addition, we offer financial and legal services according to specific needs of the company.

We assume responsibility for the quality of our services.