Payroll accounting

  • Calculations of salaries, vacation pays and various compensations for staff; Development of a bonus system
  • Tax calculation and declaration, submission of reports, declarations and salary statements
  • Drawing up a resident annual return
  • Non-resident reports and declarations
  • Preparation of payroll reports

Staff management

  • Drawing up, storing and updating of staff record-keeping documents
  • Audit of real load of employees and managers. Necessity to determine staff, taking into consideration development plans
  • Efficiency audit of business processes
  • Audit of staff management documents and processes – analysis of documents and processes, and development of recommendations
  • Drawing up of staff management documents in compliance with requirements of laws and regulations, adjusting the documents to desires of customers and set business goals (regulations, internal rules, documents regulating relations with staff – collective agreements, employment agreements, training agreements, confidentiality agreements, material responsibility agreements etc.)
  • Development of staff selection procedures
  • Consultations on issues of employment legal relations and development of staff management documents
  • Consultations on optimization of company staff expenses, calculation and planning of taxes

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