Accounting and tax services

Accounting according to legislation of the Republic of Latvia and International Accounting Standards:

  • General accounting
  • Calculation, documents and accounts of salaries
  • Management of debtors and creditors
  • Bank and treasury records
  • Preparation and settlement of payments on behalf of customer
  • Development of accounting policy, procedures and regulations
  • Tax accounts
  • Preparation of annual report
  • Liaison with the client’s auditors

”SOS” accounting

In a situation when you have unexpectedly left without an accountant or your accountant needs help in dealing with tasks or any problem, or your company data have to be updated or transferred to another accounting system, we operatively offer services of our highly qualified accountants.

Expense and Business Travel Accounting Service (New!)

  • the digitalization of all expense supporting documents
  • timely expense and travel document processing, report preparation and sending to the client
  • verification of supporting documents to compliance with Latvian law for Latvia’s companies
  • the support and advice of our experts in all questions relating to expense and travel

The service is provided in our own accounting software or the records are entered in the client’s accounting software directly. If the records are kept in our accounting software, we ensure the data export to the client’s accounting software as well.
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Other services

  • Analysis and planning of customer’s taxes
  • Audit of functions of the Accounting Department
  • Due diligence or in-depth research on particular accounting issues
  • Consultations on accounting issues

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